Wish List

Would you like to give to a specific need at Sonshine? We are looking for financial and in-kind support with the items listed below.

We are only able to accept new items as in-kind donations.

To designate your gift (and receive a charitable tax receipt), please contact us at 403-705-3485.

icon_groceryGrocery Gift Cards

A $50 gift card provides a resident with groceries for one week. Safeway is a convenient option for our residents.

icon_transitLow-Income Monthly Transit Passes

Many of our residents do not have their own vehicles and must use Calgary Transit to get to appointments and referrals. A $100 donation allows us to help up to 4 residents buy low-income passes for one month.


We have a variety of large and small appliance needs for our individual and family suites. Please note we can only accept new appliances or financial contributions.

icon_vacuumHEPA Filter Vacuums (24)

HEPA filters trap fine particles such as pollen and other dust, to help prevent allergies and asthma symptoms. Sonshine must purchase 24 HEPA filter vacuums for each suite, in order to ensure residents have the best possible environment for their children. Cost is approximately $200 per vacuum.

icon_servicesHelp us Give Residents the Services they Need

Please consider donating to the cost of one of the following services:

  • $120 provides one hour of individual counselling to a community client
  • $360 provides one session with a Play Therapist for a child traumatized by violence
  • $1,000 supports recreational activities for children
  • $3,000 covers a Sonshine Centre suite for three months
  • $5,000 provides a Child Subsidy Scholarship for the Sonshine Children’s Centre for one special child
  • $6,500 covers Sonshine’s utilities for one month
  • $8,000 provides specialized training in the area of children’s trauma
  • $12,000 subsidizes rent for Sonshine Centre residents for one month
  • $50,000 will establish a “Sensory Room” for traumatized children at the Sonshine Children’s Centre