With more than 40 years’ experience, Sonshine Community Services has emerged as a leading social service provider for women and children fleeing family violence in Calgary and area.


The Sonshine Centre

The Sonshine Centre is a second stage shelter serving women and children who are escaping family violence and abuse. The Centre is an integral part of Calgary’s collaborative response to domestic violence, housing women and children who are at a high risk for serious injury or fatality, and providing the support needed to navigate the practical and emotional complexities of leaving an abusive home. With 24 units, Sonshine’s shelter provides a one-year residential program for women and women with children, followed by a six-month program for safely transitioning back into the community. Learn more

Sonshine Children’s Centre

Sonshine Children’s Centre offers specialized care for children living at Sonshine Centre and from the community. It is the first licensed and accredited full-time day care in Canada that is geared towards meeting the unique needs of children who have experienced domestic violence and other forms of emotional trauma, as well as meeting the needs of typically developing children. We provide nutritious meals and snacks as well as an exciting, child centered play based program. We have spaces available and are taking new applications. Learn more


Sonshine Community counselling exists to fortify individuals and prevent family break downs. We offer professional counselling to anyone in the community, with fees administered on a sliding scale based on client income.  Learn more


Sonshine Family Day Homes enable children to participate to their fullest potential in day home routines, activities and play experiences.  Accredited in 2005, Sonshine runs nearly 40 home day care sites in and around Calgary. We visit our homes every month, providing training, books, resource kits and support.  Learn more