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The most dangerous time for a woman experiencing abuse is when she attempts to leave the perpetrator.

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Upon leaving an abusive relationship, many women experience a loss of income, extreme danger and risk of femicide. Often the social and familial ties that existed are rescinded and the woman is left isolated as she faces the emotional and practical barriers of leaving an abusive home.

The Sonshine Centre offers women with or without children a safe home and the emotional and practical supports needed to navigate the complexities of leaving an abusive relationship.

Our secure 24-unit residential facility is located in a quiet neighborhood with easy access to schools, transportation and community programs.
The building has 24-hour security, double doors and video surveillance to support the need for safety of our families.

The year-long residential program allows clients to access not only a well-appointed and secure suite at low-cost, but also individual counselling for both women and children, parenting support and education, connections to community partners, play therapy, life skills and experiential therapeutic groups, practical support and much more. Following the principle of “one family, one plan”, Sonshine builds a network of supports around each family that is as unique as the family itself.

Once a family is ready to move into community housing, the service provision continues for six months with the intent to support the transition and to connect the family with community resources.

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If you have been impacted by family violence, we are here to walk with you as you heal and rebuild. Contact us via phone at 403.243.2002 or by email. You can also view our Resources page.