What is the Adopt-a-Suite Program?
The Adopt-a-Suite program allows you, your organization or your community group to become the sponsor of one of 24 apartments that the Sonshine Centre offers to women and children fleeing domestic violence. These one or two bedroom apartments house women with or without children for up to 12 months. When you Adopt-a-Suite, you do more than make sure these families have a place to live: you create a welcoming, safe space that they can call home.  Each apartment is furnished and stocked with all the necessities: from linen to small appliances and décor. Some of the content is replaced once a family moves out while larger items are regularly maintained and only eventually replaced to guarantee safety, cleanliness and comfort for all.

How can you help?
Some of us have extra time on our hands and the willingness to share it, while others can’t fit anything else into a busy schedule. That is why we offer you different ways to be involved with the Adopt-a-Suite program.  

1.   Financial Commitment: you can choose to have your donation dollars directed to the maintenance, furnishing and overall upkeep of a one or two bedroom suite. Your commitment can be for one, two or three years, and allows you to:

  1.  Have prominent naming inside the suite for the length of your adoption
  2.  Receive a yearly report on the status of the apartment adopted
  3.  Have special recognition in our Annual Report, unless you chose to remain anonymous
  4.  Receive a tax receipt for the calendar year of each payment
  5.  Have first right of renewal to continue supporting your suite at the end of your commitment.

Your financial investment will be $2,000 for one year, $3,500 for two years, or $5,000 for a three year commitment.

2.   Hands-On Commitment: if your community group, organization, extended family is interested in getting together and putting their energy into creating a comfortable, clean and safe space for our clients to call home, consider adopting a one or two bedroom suite and committing some of your time to its upkeep.

Sonshine’s Resource Development Associate will be in touch with you one to three times per year, depending on needs, to re-stock and stage the apartment you adopted. You will also be provided with a list of items needed so that you can organize your group and go shopping beforehand.  

In general, each new family coming into your adopted apartment will need some or all of the following items:

  • Bedding and linen
  • Toiletry items (i.e.: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Small appliances (i.e.: toaster, water kettle, coffee maker, vacuum cleaner, iron, etc.)
  • Cleaning supplies (i.e.: mop, bucket, cleaning cloths, all-purpose cleaner, etc.)
  • Shower curtains
  • Cutlery, plates, pots, pans
  • Television
  • Home décor
  • Lighting (i.e.: floor lamps, table lamps, etc.)

Items provided need to be new. Gently used television, lighting and small appliances are accepted, previous discussion with the Resource Development Associate.

At times, the apartment setup will include painting, replacing old furniture and assembling new ones. The Resource Development Associate will plan with you and work out a schedule for extraordinary maintenance.

What if I decide to donate and the money is not all spent by the end of the year?
Your donation is ear-marked for the upkeep of the apartment you adopted. Any money that is not spent in the calendar year the donation was made, will be brought forth to the following year.

What if there is a need to replace furniture often and the expenditure is above the donation amount?
This can happen and it is Sonshine’s responsibility to find the resources to cover the extra cost. Sonshine will not contact you to cover the extra expenditure.

I’d like to engage with a “Hands On Commitment”. Does it include a financial commitment as well?
Yes. You can budget to spend few hundred dollars anytime you and your group come to prepare the suite for a client. The amount varies, depending on the needs of the suite and on what you choose to buy (quality does influence price!). Furniture and appliances will be replaced by Sonshine, whenever needed.

Does the “Hands on Commitment” include maintenance?
Yes, it does. However, we only ask you to take care of minor repairs unless you have special skills that you do want to share with Sonshine! The Volunteer Coordinator will give you a quick update on the situation before you come with your group to prepare the apartment.

Can I meet the client/family that will move into the apartment I adopt?
No. We believe that the safety and privacy of our clients are very important for our service delivery model. However, when possible, you will know the composition of the family you are preparing your suite for if you choose “Hands On Commitment”. If you choose the “Financial Commitment”, you will receive information about the family in your yearly report.  When preparing a suite, personalized items (ie: toys for children, etc.) are always welcome and very much appreciated by our clients.

If I choose the “Hands on Commitment”, will I still get a tax receipt for the items I purchase for the suite?
Yes, of course. All we need is a proof of purchase (store receipt or invoice) and the tax receipt will be issued for the amount without GST, as per CRA requirements.

How can I sign up?
The first step is to contact Sonshine’s Resource Development Associate at 403-705-3490 or email .  We will set up a meeting with you to discuss the program in greater detail in order for you to make the best decision that fits you.