Children’s Centre

There is nothing more empowering than teaching our children how to unlock their innate resiliency, release trauma and return to calm

Sonshine has long desired to do more for young children.

Children who have been exposed to family violence are more vulnerable than their peers to social, emotional, physiological, and cognitive development problems that can have long-term effects on their family, friends and community.

In 2015, the Children’s Centre opened its doors. It is the first licensed full-time centre of its kind in Canada. Its integrated program meets the needs of not only the typically developing child but also those of children that have been exposed to family violence or other forms of trauma. The programming incorporates leading edge child development and brain development research.

Its focus is to prevent the cycle of violence from continuing by intervening early on in a child’s development, so they can grow into healthy, positive youth and adults.

The Children’s Centre goal is to provide an inclusive, therapeutic child care environment that enables all children to participate to their fullest potential in its ordinary and extra-ordinary activities, routines and play experiences.