Family Day Homes

As the first accredited Family Day Homes Agency in the Calgary region, we go above and beyond to ensure trustworthy, quality and well-rounded childcare for ages 0 to 12.


In fact, while consultants of Approved Regulated Family Day Homes (those contracted by the Government of Alberta) are required to visit homes six times in a year, we visit our day homes every month. We have voluntarily undergone an extensive self-evaluation process, which has been validated by the Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services.

We believe all children are entitled to play, explore, learn, share and be listened to in a safe and caring environment.

Each day home follows these guidelines:

  • Media viewed a maximum of a half hour per day
  • Children go outside for an hour a day minimum (weather permitting of course)
  • Providers organizing experiences that promote learning across all developmental domains (physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual)
  • Inclusive approaches to foster all types of diversity
  • Planning schedules, routines and transitions with flexibility built in
  • Monitoring children’s individual growth and development through documentation
  • Healthy meals following Canada’s Food Guide
  • Regular communication between the provider and parent about the child’s day

Key features of our day homes include:

  • Day Home Providers all have (at minimum) a Child Development Assistant Certification, while our agency staff are qualified with a Child Development Supervisor Certification
  • Flexible hours and competitive rates
  • Government subsidies for qualifying families
  • Networking and community connections


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