Gifts in Will

Embrace Your Will Power

A future without domestic violence is a legacy worth leaving.

As long as a woman needs a safe place to start a life free of violence, or a child needs therapeutic support to heal from trauma, Sonshine Community Services will continue its work.

A gift in will to Sonshine Community Services is an investment in a future free of domestic violence. Any gift, big or small, is a legacy that impacts future generations and that will continue impacting the lives of vulnerable families long after our own life span.

Your gift in will may support a family like Karen’s, who had to face barriers and challenges no mother wants to see her children face. The violence, isolation, financial woes, created an emotional and mental impact that took years to wane. The children can now grow up to reach their full potential and not be stunted in their development by the impact of trauma.

Leave a Gift in Your Will

  • It may reduce estate taxes.
  • It can be for any amount, percentage or reside of your estate.
  • It is flexible as you can adjust your will at any time.
  • It has no impact on your current income.

Leaving a Gift in Your Will is Easy

Other Options

A Gift of Securities

A gift of securities is a sound way to support Sonshine Community Services. When you donate stocks, mutual funds or other traded securities to a charity, you do not pay capital gains tax. You also receive a tax receipt for the full amount of the gift, which helps you off-set taxes.

Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance offer the opportunity to make a substantial future donation for the relative low cost of premium payments. Sonshine can be the only beneficiary or be a joint beneficiary together with your family members.

The long-lasting impact of your Gift has the potential to change the trajectory of lives of vulnerable families for many years to come.

Talk to your estate lawyer, insurance broker or your financial advisor to find the gift option that works best for you and your family. Do you have questions? Connect with us at

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